Welcome to my world.

Here you will find many of my specialities, including original watercolour painting, drawing and character creation. I started creating characters during the time of coronavirus to cheer myself up. It turned out that my characters, Ella being the first, cheered lots of people up and so a new body of work grew from there. I illustrate books for comic writers, creating images that make their words jump off the page with excitement. I create fun and friendly characters for businesses who need to present themselves online with some extra warmth and welly in what is now our new normal. I also do commissions for people who want a unique gift to celebrate friendships, pets, grandchildren, partners, hobbies, birthdays and special events. I have a particular fondness for painting birds and was interested to discover that many people have a bird that reminds them of a loved one, a parent or grandparent for example. I find myself bursting with ideas and I feel strongly that art is intrinsically linked to wellbeing which is why I also run watercolour painting retreats. Artistic practice is a life skill and if I had my way everyone would be doing it (and parking their inner critic!).