Welcome to my world.

Here you will find many of my specialities, including original watercolour painting, drawing and character creation. I started creating characters during lockdown 2020 to cheer myself up. It turned out that my characters, Ella being the first, cheered lots of people up so a new body of work grew from there. I create fun and friendly characters for businesses who need to present themselves online with some extra warmth and welly in what is now our new normal. I also do commissions for people who want a unique gift to celebrate friendships, pets, grandchildren, partners, hobbies, birthdays and special events. I have a particular fondness for painting birds and was interested to discover that many people have a bird that reminds them of a loved one, a parent or grandparent for example. I find myself bursting with ideas and I feel strongly that art is intrinsically linked to wellbeing which is why I also run watercolour painting retreats. Artistic practice is a life skill and if I had my way everyone would be doing it (and parking their inner critic!).

Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Around age 11 or 12 many of us stopped drawing due to the sudden childhood realisation that our drawings didn’t match the reality or accuracy of the world we saw around us or because someone said to our younger self: “you can’t draw”. 

But the true practice of painting and drawing involves suspending judgement and expectation. There is a state of flow, not unlike that experienced in meditation, craft, running or walking, that comes with regular artistic practice. It can be difficult to settle into meditation, or to simply ‘slow down’,  in painting and drawing you can find that space or ‘flow’ where time ceases to exist.