About Me

My name is Glenda Strong and I have a life long passion for art, design and education. I’ve developed ‘Illustrations by Glenda’ to bring these three passions together.

I teach painting and drawing for wellbeing and facilitate uplifting drawing and painting events. My workshops consist of structured bite-sized building blocks so that they are accessible to complete beginners or hobbyists who are seeking to improve their practice. This sequential  ‘breaking down’ of new knowledge is important to me because I believe that learning new skills or improving on existing ones needs stepping stones and the pace of modern life has become the antithesis of this. People often ask, “what is the future of art and design education?” I believe the future is in fact the past, it is personal one-to-one and small group activity in a community of learning. 

I believe that drawing is a meditative process where it is not about the outcome but rather about the doing. My experience stems from thirteen years as a senior lecturer in higher education in the UK and Australia in the fields of Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Interior Decoration, and a further thirteen years as a practising Architect and Interior Designer in Namibia, California and Australia. I was drawn to the UK because of its art, history and architecture. I now live and practice in Sheffield, England, which I am delighted to call my home. I started my career as an Architect because at the age of 18 all I wanted to do was draw. Now I want to bring this passion for drawing and design to you.