About Me

My name is Glenda Strong and I have a life long passion for art, design and education. I’ve developed ‘illustrations by glenda’ to bring these three passions together.

I have wanted to drawing for as long as I could hold a pencil. My teenage self picked Architecture because, well, that must be about drawing. After a lengthy degree I spent thirteen years as an Architect where I worried about drainage, specifications, contracts and risk management. It turned out there was very little drawing involved and a lot of phone calls, meetings and site inspections. All good if that’s your thing. After a heap of self questioning, I reinvented myself as a University Lecturer and learned to flex my creative muscles with the many young creatives I met there. Thirteen years later (apparently thirteen is my lucky number), I began to question this environment too, where again spreadsheets, action plans and targets were looming larger than the job I had signed up for. 

Fast forward to the time of Corona Virus when a lot of external activity became limited and, well, like a lot of us, I felt a bit scared and depressed. In this extended head space that big old question popped up again – who am I and what in the world am I doing? My fifty-two year old self reached inside and coaxed my inner sixteen year old back out to play. And play she did. Characters appeared on the page, Ella being the first. Ella smiled, I smiled back. More people smiled, and so it grew.