Being with Colour

Why Practise Art? 


*restores a sense of control and purpose

*has a ripple effect – the happiness you get from art effects those around you

*provides solace – you are never really alone when you make art and time passes with worry taking a back seat

*provides a form of escape, when things go badly in life you can leap into this private world of comfort

*is mood changing

Below is a little video which shows you something of my approach. I hope you can see that I am not worrying about where I am going with my painting but rather I am spending time being with colour. 

Free Webinar Wed 30 Dec 6.00 to 6.40pm

Do you know a wonderful woman who needs moving to the top of her ‘do list’?  Our “Create Your Next Chapter” retreat will do just that. 
Join Rebecca Norton and myself at this short webinar where we will be hosting a Q&A and showing you what you can expect from our March retreat.

For a link to the zoom webinar simply email me at
I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Feeling blue?  Try painting yourself a different colour

“In yearning to be creative and refusing that hunger in ourselves, we become more and more focussed on our deprivation – a little authentic luxury can go a long way. The key here is authentic,” says Julia Cameron in The Artists Way.

What is authentic luxury for you? This could be as simple as a punnet of fresh berries or a single flower on your nightstand.

Stuck for ideas? We create space at our “Create Your Next Chapter” retreat – a weekend of mindful walking and beginner level watercolour painting for wonderful women.

Early bird tickets are available until 31 Dec 2020 for our next retreat taking place from Friday 19 to Sun 21st March 2021. Coaching walks, meals,  accommodation, watercolour materials and tuition, all included in the price. 100% refund if COVID regulations cause cancellation. 

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