Drawing for well being workshop series

Why Draw?

What does drawing have to do with well being?

Around age 11 or 12 many of us stopped drawing due to the sudden child hood realisation that our drawings didn’t match the reality or accuracy of the world we see around us.

But the true practice of drawing involves suspending judgement and expectation. There is a state of flow, not unlike that experienced in meditation, craft or running or walking, that comes with regular drawing practise. I was always too much of a ‘fidget’ to meditate or to ‘simply slow down’. In drawing I found that space or flow where time ceases to exist.

In this series of workshops we explore drawing for well being because people who draw are happier. This is about the interior you, complete beginners welcome !

Workshop 1 :: Flow

Workshop 2 :: Hatch it

Workshop 3 :: Tone it

Workshop 4:: Colour it