Grab it with Two Hands

My name is Kay Bailey and I work for Keebles LLP a solicitors firm in Sheffield.

Glenda kindly agreed to run a water colouring course for any members of staff that may be interested.  

I have never done any form of art since school (I’m now well into my forties!) and cannot recall ever having done any water colouring, but I thought why not give it a go.

I am so glad that I did!  I found the lessons very therapeutic, relaxing and enjoyable.  I learnt a little about myself as the weeks went on and realised that I wasn’t quite as bad at art as I thought, and took a great deal of pleasure at learning about colours and the interplay between them.

Glenda was very patient, constructive and complimentary whilst providing practical guidance and pointers as we went along.

My daughter is a very keen artist and since the classes it has been great to be able to sit down with her and ‘dabble’ with paints together.

Just before Christmas my son was admitted to hospital and was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, he was extremely ill at the outset and as I stayed in hospital with him I decided to try some pencil drawing to pass the time.  As Harry improved we did some ‘doodling’ together.  I genuinely do not think I would have thought to do this had it not been for the course with Glenda.

I have no doubt I will continue to draw and paint in the future, with both my children, and on my own.  Art has been a complete eye opener for me and one which allows me to centre my head and achieve some relaxed quiet time amidst the day to day challenges and I cannot thank Glenda enough.

I strongly recommend that anyone thinking of taking a course, grab it with two hands and run with it, you will not believe the pleasure and mental wellbeing you will find.

Kay Bailey

A note from Glenda:

Such lovely words from Kay above. It was a delight to work with this group and introduce to them just how much fun you can have with loose watercolour painting. To my delight, the group have carried on painting once a week during their lunch times as a great digital detox clearing their minds for an afternoon of focussed work. Below are examples from Kay and the group. Look out for my upcoming family friendly workshops at Silver Web Holistic Centre Saturday 8 Feb, 14 March and 11 April, from 2pm to 4pm. Find out more here and tickets are available here on Eventbrite.