What is a  Mandala of Self Care?

The literal meaning of the word Mandala means circle. Circles have very powerful significance in countless religions and traditions as they form the artistic expression of symbolic relationships. Mandalas have become popular for quieting  thoughts while meditating, combatting stress, appreciating the beauty of nature, and forming a greater connection with oneself. 

I have been interested in the therapeutic value of art for as long as I could hold a paint brush. Our Mandala of Self Care links the ideas of connection, discovery and rejuvenation. Beginner level watercolour painting presents the opportunity to be with colour and process without worrying about the end result. ‘Art’ can be a very loaded word, often making it feel as if it is inaccessible, but when you adopt a playful and experimental approach, as we do during our June Day Retreat, the Art with a capital A falls away while the colour and materials have a life of their own. Our enjoyment is then to see what they do. 

Join us on Sunday 26th June, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm at Litton Village Hall

Enjoy a relaxing and restorative day out in the peaceful village of Litton in the Peak District. Time out of your busy schedule to put you and your well-being first. This wonderful combination of watercolour painting (no experience necessary), mindful walking, reflective and personal development activities will help you to build a positive mindset. These opportunities for reflection and ‘sense making’ create space and clarity. This is all in addition to a fabulous healthy, and yummy, lunch created by Joanne Bibby of Live Life Well. Bring a friend or make ones on the day!

To book head over to Sense of Direction using this link: 

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